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Wireless Advertising

Advertise Your Way
Marketing something? The answer is in the selling ;the collective word given to attract public attention toa merchandise , merchandise or accomadation for sale. Advertising might bedone via many different mediums. You can advertiseon radio, i...Full Article
Advertising - What is the Best Bang For Your Buck?
Marketing something? The answer is in the selling ; the collective word given to attract public attention to a product, product or accomadation for sale. Advertising might be done via many different medians. You can sell on radio, in magaz...Full Article
Things to look for when buying a cordless microphone
Wireless microphones have numerous uses, from amateur to professional, from bars and clubs to educational institutions and churches. A successful , reliable wireless microphone system could be an excellent addition to any of the mentioned locati...Full Article

Things to look for when buying a karaoke microphone
Karaoke microphones should be fun and high quality, while also demonstrating durability. There are many activities and locations where you might use a karaoke mic ranging from bars and clubs and going all the way to computer karaoke software. Ea...Full Article
Five reasons to do wireless networking.
I believe that wireless networks represent one of the most significant inventions in human history almost as important as sliced bread. Now, seriously, bread is certainly easy enough to cut yourself, but try to wire up a network and you will thi...Full Article
Setup a home wireless network: A short tutorial.
For homes with more than one computer, it would be wise for you to setup a wireless network and share your high speed internet connection, as well as the scanner, printer, and other computer devices. Wireless networking, wireless fidelity, or ...Full Article

Top 5 Reasons To Go Wireless
Wireless networking is 1 of the greatest new computer technologies in terms of convenience. If youre weighing the pros and cons of wireless before acquiring the leap, here are 5 to put in the pro column. 1 No More Wires Of all the reasons to ...Full Article
A Look at Wireless Security Cameras -
If you need to partially conceal your cameras from view, wireless security cameras are the way to go. Locations such as banks use a combination of wireless and wired, visible and hidden cameras to intimidate potential robbers, but continue photogra...Full Article
Wireless Home Networking Choosing The Right One
Are you suffering from home wireless networking nightmare? There are so many options. 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g what is all that? All you want is to get online on your notebook computer in your living room without tripping over wires. First thing...Full Article

Wireless Merchant Account?
A wireless merchant account may bring your business into the 21st century by enabling you to accept credit payments while on the go. All you have to do is get approved for a merchant account and then purchase or lease a wireless credit card process...Full Article
Whats New with RFID Tags on Drugs?
RFID Radio-Frequency Identification Tags were a effective security measure to come up with or is it really? Well, the US Department of Defense came up with it and announced such matter even on the web through a post at the RFid Gazette httpw...Full Article
Shop, Surf or Send: Wireless Home Networks Deliver the Internet
ARA - The Internet is becoming as necessary as electricity and indoor plumbing. As its usefulness grows, so does the need to deliver a fast, reliable Internet connection to PCs and other home appliances. Whether its downloading directions, meas...Full Article
The Essentials of Wireless Security
With wireless networks proliferating it is becoming more important than ever that sufficient security measures are put in place. And yet many everybody, especially those new to the technology or computers in general, are just not aware of the danger...Full Article
Setting up a Network -- Wired or Wireless?
To Wire or Not to WireWireless networks are en vogue, but your installation wont overcome unless you chose the right type of network and set it up properly. Wired networks require that each computer be connected via a wire to a central location, ca...Full Article
Auction, Anywhere with Abidia. Gaining an edge over your competition.
Abidia provides tools to allow you to watch over your eBay auctions while you are not at your computer. If you are a buyer or a seller, this might give you the competitive edge over your competitors.Abidias remarkable BidSync technology lets you pe...Full Article




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